New Years Resolutions.

An inspirational Piece: Sticking to all your new years resolutions.

January 2015 is here, and I’m sure most of you have already got lots of new years resolutions in mind. The hardest thing about new years resolutions is not making them but actually sticking to them. In this blog piece you can read up on how to set realistic resolutions and stick to all of them.

Setting realistic resolutions:

1. Health: When it comes to health we want to be able to remain as healthy as we can during the year. In order to do so we need to start eating more healthily. The mistake that people often make is that they make the resolution to cut out all junk food from their diet within the first two weeks of the year. When we set goals for ourselves they must be realistic and that is not a very realistic one. We need to take small steps to reaching our goals. Start slowly by adding a fruit to your lunch time snack. Then instead of going for your third cup of tea or coffee for the morning rather opt for some good clean water straight from the tap. If you start with something small it will eventually lead to bigger and better more healthy habits like not going to KFC or Burger King for lunch and instead having a delicious healthy chicken salad.

2. Fitness: When it comes to fitness we automatically want to hit the gym as soon as January comes around. However we tend to go for one week and then it fizzles out and we no longer want to go. Don’t set the unrealistic goal of saying I will go every single day for the rest of the year to gym. Rather start small by taking the stairs to your office instead of the lift. Whenever I am at a shopping mall were there is an escalator, a lift and a staircase I always take the stairs while my friends take the escalator next to me. If you have some heavy parcels to carry to your car from the shop you were just in, If you can carry them instead of putting them in a trolley, then do. Also start walking around your neighborhood before rushing off to get a gym membership. It is after all a lot better than spending an hour on the treadmill. This will also lead to bigger and better more healthy fitness habits like eventually signing on for an evening Pilates class or getting a personal trainer to help you work out an easy fitness routine for beginners.

3. Money: When it comes to saving money most people start out the new year trying to cut back on all there expenditure. However people too often give up before they have even managed to save one dime. For every bill you get look at it and see where you can cut back. For instance are you on a cell phone contract and are just paying way too much? Do you pay more than you need to? Then why not go to your service provider and ask them for a cheaper contract? If you do small things like this you will be able to save loads more money each and every month.

Sticking to your resolutions:
These are the three main areas in life that people usually use to make new years resolutions. The resolutions you set are obtainable if you start small just like I mentioned above. Don’t give up after only a week. Keep pushing ahead it will all be worth it when you see the amazing results at the end of this year. Remember to thank God each and every day for helping you to stick to each and every goal you set for yourself. If you do this you will instantly begin to see some amazing results. Lastly I want to say good luck with all your new years resolutions. I hope that you will set realistic ones and don’t make the new years resolution to not have a new years resolution, because they are not hopeless or unobtainable, they can all bring about some magnificent results.

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