One Night Two Strangers. A Poem.

A personally inspired Poem about two complete strangers meeting:

Two people feeling confused, feeling alone, Despite the million and one messages and missed calls not daring to pick up their phones, As the band begins to play, He begins to walk her way, As he crosses over to the bar, He doesn’t get too far before he turns and heads in the other direction, He thinks about going over but first checks his reflection,

She takes note of everyone around, She looks up and then she looks down, She is worried about the way she looks, And about what she drinks,

On his way over to the bathroom, A sense of fear begins to loom, He decides to take his chances, Despite everyone’s weird glances, When he walks over and introduces himself to her, he can’t help but stare, And he really doesn’t care, He doesn’t know how to show it, But he wants the whole world to know it,

She feels afraid, she should have left, she should have gone, But leaving though would have been wrong, She starts to smile, She can be polite she tells herself, even if it’s only for awhile,

He tells her she’s “hot,” Yeah right she thinks, not… When he tells her she’s beautiful, That’s when all inside her becomes still, He asks if he can buy her a drink at the bar, She doesn’t want this to go to far, He starts to beg and plead, She’s still not sure what to do, or where this will lead, She tells him to bring her a bottle of water to the table, He’s definitely more then capable, Is this wrong, or could this be right? They’ll have to see, there’s plenty of time they still have the rest the beautiful night.

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