An inspirational piece: Changing negative to positive.

Find out in this piece how each and every negative thought can be turned into a positive one.

If your day hasn’t started out the way you would like it to, then it’s probably because you lack some positiveness. Unhappiness is simply the lack of happiness. The same can also be said about being negative, it just means that you lack a positive attitude.

Instead of thinking of all the things that you are dissatisfied with, think of the things that make you feel positive. Instead of saying: My morning coffee has gone cold, I am running late for work, the traffic is too slow and I am not having a good morning. Turn these things around and instead say: I am so glad to have some coffee to drink in the morning to wake and warm me up. I might arrive at work a few seconds late but thank goodness it’s only this one time and my boss is very understanding, being stuck in traffic isn’t so bad as I will have the chance to clear my mind and give thanks for the day ahead.

If you can turn what you would normally see as negatives into positives, then you will be able to say: I am already having a great morning, every morning. Once you become aware of all the things that are positive in your life, it will be so easy to change any negative into a positive no matter where you are or what you are doing. Eventually this will all become second nature to you and you will find that you have have next to no negative situations in your life, only the positive ones.

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