Praise And Worship. Scripture Piece.

The best reasons to worship: Psalm 96:

Psalm 96:4 ‘Great is the Lord! He is most Worthy of Praise!’

This scripture piece says that the Lord is most worthy of praise. We all know he is worthy, however this blog is going to explain just why we should be praising the Lord and no one else.

He saved us from our sins by dying on the cross. How many people in this world can you list who would die in that way for you? He died not only for you but for everyone else as well, even for those who have committed many terrible and unspeakable sins. That is definitely a reason to praise the Lord.

He answers our prayers on a daily basis. Sometimes we are busy praying for something and before we have even finished our prayer, it has been answered. Sometimes it takes a little while longer, but eventually God does get round to answering our prayers. Wow now that is amazing!

The Lord will never forsake you. You may have pushed all the people who love and care about you out of your life, but you can never get rid of God. He will be with you no matter what you are going through. Call on God in your times of need and he shall be there. This is such a great reason to praise the Lord.

The Lord is a great healer. If you are sick and need healing God will be the one person you can count on to heal you. If you know of someone who needs healing, then all you have to do is, pray to God to lay his hand on them and heal them. This works wonders. Try it today.

He forgives us our sins. The Lord’s prayer says “Forgive us our trespassers, (sins) and forgive those who have trespassed against us.” Each and every time we ask God to forgive our sins he does just that. It doesn’t matter what sins you may have committed, be it big or small. He wipes the slate clean each and every day. That is another wonderful reason to praise the Lord.

There are loads more reasons to praise God each and every day. He does so much for us all the time, and he therefore deserves all of our praise. There are certain things in this life that we can not do without the help of the Lord, that’s why we need to show him how grateful we are. We also need to let him know how much he means to us. Go on and praise the Lord today, there’s just so many reasons to praise him.

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