Reading Is Actually Good For You:

An inspirational piece: Why reading is so good for you.

Since I love to read so much I have found out through some research why reading is so good for you. I decided to share this info with you to inspire you all to read more.

Reading actually makes you a better person. Research shows that people who read fiction are more empathetic than those who don’t. Researchers tested the brains of people after they read and then tested the brains of the people who didn’t read. When you envision yourself as a character in a book you take on the emotions that the character is feeling. When you take on these emotions you show a heightened sense of emotional awareness, making you more empathetic. Empathy towards the people around you, makes you more sensitive to the emotional state of people in general. Wow so all this time it was actually reading that made me so empathetic towards others who knew?!

Reading improves social skills. Since reading can make you more empathetic, it can also improve your social skills at the same time. A study has been published in the journal, Science, which found that after people read literary fiction they performed better on tests measuring empathy, social perception and emotional intelligence. This all comes in handy when one is trying to read a persons body language or when we are trying to figure out what someone may be thinking. Understanding other peoples mental states is a very crucial skill that enables the complex social relationships that characterize human societies, thereby improving peoples social skills. So people if you want to be able to read other people better, it’s time you start reading more fiction.

Reading is really great for your relationship. According to the relationship expert Ken Page, research showed that people can grow closer together by revealing new thoughts, ideas and fantasies with each other, plus reading a book and discussing it with your partner can be a fun and entertaining way for you and your partner to grow closer together. I personally think it’s a great way to learn new things about your partner and in turn they can learn something about you, because you can tell them if you liked certain things you are reading about and then get their thoughts on the subject thereby learning more about them.

Don’t miss it: Part two of my study on why reading is good for you will be coming to the blog soon.

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