Reading Is Good For You. Part Two.

Here is part two, of my research into why reading is good for you:

I hope all of this research inspires you all to read more regularly. It sure has had me reading a lot more regularly.

Reading can prevent Alzheimer’s. A study done in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences questioned almost 200 people about different hobbies, mostly physical activities such as gardening, and knitting. They also tested intellectual activities like reading. The research shows that elderly people who regularly read or play mentally challenging games are two and a half times less likely to have this debilitating illness. So if you, like me, do not wont to get Alzheimer’s, then now is a good time to start reading.

Reading is the best form of relaxation. Research done at the University of Sussex tested people’s stress levels and found, that it increased along with their heart rate. All that these people needed to do was read, silently, for six minutes to slow down the heart rate and ease some of the tension in the muscles. In fact these people’s stress levels were reduced by up to 68%, and were lower then when they started this test. I hope this makes you want to pick a novel and loose yourself in it. For me personally I can’t imagine anything more relaxing, because you’re not thinking about your everyday stresses, you’re thinking about the wonderful world you’ve just entered.

Reading will sharpen your brain. A study done in neurology suggests, excising your brain by taking part in activities such as reading. If reading is done from a young age throughout your life, it will improve brain health in old age. This research found that reading done both early and late in life had a slower decline in memory for those who read regularly, compared to those who did not partake in reading. Based on this research we should definitely not be underestimating the power that reading has on the mind.

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