See What You Want.

An inspirational piece: Seeing in yourself what you want others to see in you.

In order for others to see you the way you want them to, you have to see yourself that way first. You must begin by thinking of yourself in the best possible way. Think of all your strengths that you have. e.g I am always looking on the bright side with my positive attitude, I am a very honest person, and so forth.

Then you need to look at your physical attributes and think positively about them. e.g I have the most amazing skin that has no wrinkles and is blemish free. I love my hair because it is in such good condition and everybody is envious of my long hair. These things are not always easy to do. However the more this is done, the more people will compliment you on all the quality’s that you have been seeing all along.

The most important part of this task, is to say thank you to God for giving you your amazing personality that just draws people to you and for your wonderful hair or skin or which ever physical attributes you want to thank Him for. This may all seem a little vain, and you’re probably singing “You’re So Vain” right now, from Carly Simon. Just know that you will be doing this in your own time. Say for instance when you are brushing your hair every morning. The best part is, you do this in your mind and nobody will ever know how many times you say, I love my hair, thank you God for my lovely long hair.

This is a wonderful thing to do, as each and everyday when you thank God you are bringing more and more of these wonderful things into your life. You will also be getting praise and compliments from others. What you must not do is, look at others and think they have horrible skin, ugly hair, or have any other negative thoughts. If you do these things it comes back to you. One important thing to remember is what you see you see in others you also see in yourself. So make the effort to compliment people whenever and wherever you can. This will all come back to you before you know it, and soon other people will see you in exactly the way you want them to.

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