Staying Grounded In A Crazy World.

An inspirational piece: Staying true to who you are in a crazy world.

Lets face it we all in live in a very crazy world. Even though we live in this crazy world, we can not let it change who we are. People to easily get taken in by others. They then want to change themselves just to be exactly what the other person wants them to be. You are a wonderful person just the way you are. So that being said, you should not let others change who you are at all. If you feel that someone is helping you become a better version of yourself then that is a good change. However sometimes people try to change you into a worse version of yourself, one that you don’t particularly like or ever want to be.

In the past I have made friends with people who have turned me into someone I definitely did not want to be. I got so caught up in the friendship that I lost focus during work, I could not eat as I no longer had any appetite. I struggled to sleep at night cos I was so consumed by what they thought of me. To top it all off, I felt like I did nothing but worry about who I was, and how I could be the perfect friend and be exactly what the other person wanted me to be.

This is not someone that I ever want to be again. Remember that I said in my last inspirational piece, that you should only have people in your life who are prepared to accept you for who you are. So don’t change the person that you are, just because someone else does not like you for who you are. I always believe, that if someone doesn’t like who I am then that is their problem, and I am not about to make it mine. You should do well to also remember this, the next time you feel you are becoming a version of yourself that you don’t like or ever want to become.

Always stay true to who you are, don’t become a worse version of yourself, and like me choose friends who are only going to turn you into a better version of yourself. I know that it’s all easier said than done. However if you have friends who are trying to change who you are for the worse. You will begin to notice changes in yourself that you don’t want to see, that’s when you need to stop and think is this the person that I really want to be? If it is not the person you want to be, then that means it’s time to re-evaluate this friendship and see if this person is really worth sticking around or not. From me to you I hope you stay the wonderful person that you are. Remember to thank God for helping you to always stay this way.

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  1. jennifer guilfoyley

    Wise and inspirational. Too often we forget who we are

    • Hello,
      Yes I couldn’t agree more, we do tend to forget who we are.
      That’s why I hope this piece will remind us of who we are.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
      I hope you will continue to always enjoy reading my blogs.

      Many thanks,

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