Swellendam. A Hidden Gem.

A trip to the little hidden gem Swellendam:
I love visiting new places. especially in my beautiful home country of South Africa.
I wanted to go on a trip a while ago that would suit my budget. I decided to go for a long- weekend away. A friend of mine came along to experience the journey with me. She suggested that we go to the little known gem of Swellendam set in the very beautiful Western Cape of South Africa. This is my amazing experience:

Beauty at it’s best:
For me the best part of any trip is either the flight up, or if you aren’t flying, then the drive up. For us it was a drive up. The best route is always the most scenic. When travelling from central Cape Town to Swellendam you have the most beautiful views you could ever want. There are picturesque rolling hills where cows, sheep and horses can all be seen grazing. I’m sure you have herd of the saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. Well in this case it is literally so true. The greenest vineyards line the roads as you pass through Paal and Robertson on your way to Swellendam. This little sleepy hollow town, is set to the most serene backdrop of the surrounding mountains. The scenery surrounding you really is as pretty as a postcard.

A haunting history. A trip to the Drostdy Museum:
The Drostdy Museum is definitely a must see. The buildings have been around since 1747. It was the official residence of the magistrate, also known as the Landdrost, in Afrikaans. This house is even said to be haunted by one of the men that resided there, which makes this a very spooky experience. What can you see there? Well since this was a residence in the 17 hundreds. You can view the house as it must have been way back in the 17 hundreds.The kitchen still has the old utensils that were used, the bedroom has an old wooden commode used for all toilet duties. The lounge has a large fire place with the old ion made iron that was used to press the clothing. While the study, has it’s wall to floor book shelves and old wooden desks, and of course the family’s dinning room. In the family room you can see portraits of the family that resided there. Once you have left the family room make sure you go in to the final room right at the back of the house, where you will be able to read up on Nelson Mandela, and all of his history. Then when you leave the main house, house make sure you go out into the garden to view the charcoal kiln, the smithy and wagon maker’s shop, the mill and outdoor oven,the tannery, copper-smith and the thatching room. There is an abundance of things to see which makes this museum so worth the the visit.

Berry, berry nice. Some time spent at the Hermitage Berry and liqueur farm:
This is a trip best suited for people over the age of eighteen, as Liqueur tasting is on offer. If you are not into liqueur tasting then you can partake in the jam and spicy atchar tasting. Your mouth will go on a sensational tasting journey like no other. While your nose will be taken on a trip from India right through to South Africa. The tasting is free of charge, so you don’t even have to worry about that. However all of the things you try will be on offer to buy. Make sure that you bring money with to buy some of the tings you try. It’s so worth the tasting experience and so worth the buy. For more info:Hermitage Farm

Faerie fun. Having some fun at the Sulina Faerie Sanctuary:
People come from all over South Africa to visit the Sulina Faerie Sanctuary. Since I had heard so much about it, I decided it was a must see. When you walk through the front gate, you enter into the sanctuary’s garden. The garden is beautifully laid out with many different types of hand painted faeries from big ones to little ones all placed around the garden. You can even see some hand painted toad stools placed in and among the faeries in the garden. After you leave the garden you can go inside and view some of their very beautiful ornamental faeries and loads of other ornaments and gifts that you may want to buy. This sanctuary is a great place to visit for both young and old. If you have children this is definitely the place to visit.

Something scrumptious. A treat at ‘Oppie Stoep’:
The last thing that was a must do on my list, was to enjoy a delicious banana caramel and ice-cream waffle. Not everyone has a sweet tooth, however I have a very sweet tooth, making this something that I was dying to try. Oppie Stoep is a very lovely french style restaurant right on the main road. These mouth-watering waffles were every bit as amazing as they sounded, and to top it all off, they even made their caramel themselves. If you don’t like waffles then there is plenty of other tasty treats for you to enjoy. This has got to be the main restaurant stop on your list.

Totally worth the trip:
If you want a break away from your hectic life, a place where you can relax and, enjoy a peaceful time doing what you like when you like, then Swellandam is the perfect place to visit. When I was in Swellendam I felt like the rest of the world ceased to exist. When I unfortunately had to leave I felt rejuvenated and well relaxed. There’s no better place to relax,revive and rejuvenate them Swellendam.

Take a look at the gallery below, to see some of the fun, fabulous things that I got up to during my stay in Swellandam.

All Pics Taken from: Pics from Oppie Stoep courtesy of portfolio collection.com.10-Things-To-Do-in-Swellendam and Swellendam Tourism The rest are all courtesy of my wonderful travel companion and awesome friend Lara Butler.

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