Take A Chance, Go To The Dance.

Here’s why you should, take a chance, go to that dance:

This is a personally inspired poem, on taking a chance and going to that dance.

Saturday night rolled around, Where oh where should I be found. My friends wanted to go out, Unfortunately because of past experiences I was in doubt. In the end I decided why the heck not, It’s definitely worth the shot.

I put on my make-up, did up my hair and got dressed, I sure did want to look my utmost best. When we arrived the music had begun to play, There was no better way to end my day. The night had begun and I was on the dance floor, They played only the best songs, and I just wanted to party more and more.

Eventually someone came to ask me to dance, and to take my hand, It felt good to be out on the floor just me and this man. It had been awhile since I had danced like this, My partner probably knew my dance steps were amiss. In the end it all turned out to be so much fun, We even stayed until it was almost time to see the sun. I really am so glad, I took the chance, And decided to go to that dance.

If you have ever wonder whether or not to go to that dace, from personal experience I say go! You will nine times out of ten enjoy yourself more than you ever imagined you could.

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