The Gift Of A Friend. A Poem:

This is a poem for all the amazing friends in our lives:

The Gift Of A Friend:
In life we get sent many gifts from the great Lord above.
Many gifts of wisdom, power and love.
We may also be given the wondrous gift of health,
Or be blessed enough to have the gift of great wealth.

God could bless us with gifts of silver, platinum and gold,
We could have all the riches that one man can hold.
There are many gifts to treasure in this life,
Like being able to live happily ever after as man and wife.

There is however in this life one truly great treasure,
One of truly great measure.
That treasure is having God send you some amazing friends,
Whose love and friendship knows no ends.

If you like me have been blessed to have the most outstanding friends in your life, then this is the perfect opportunity to thank them for their endless friendship. Also don’t forget to thank God for bringing these amazing people into your life. If it wasn’t for God these people would never have come into your life. To all my friends this one is dedicated to you. Thank you for your awesome, long-lasting friendship, it means the world to me.

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