The Lord Is With You. Scripture Piece.

Whatever you do, wherever you go the Lord shall be with you: Exodus 3.

In Exodus 3:12 the Lord says “I will be with you”. The Lord has been helping people since the beginning of time. When people asked God to be with them he was there. God promises to be with us no matter what. If he makes that promise he will stick to it, and will not ever go back on that promise.

The men and woman of God throughout history have all known, how God has been there for them Through all their ups and downs in life. He was there for them giving them hope when they were feeling most hopeless. He was there for them providing them with joy when they had lost all sense of joy and happiness. When you are going through dark times, ask God to help bring you into the light. If you feel at a loss and you call on the name of the Lord, you will soon be on that winning streak. When you need encouragement, the Lord will be there giving you all the encouragement you need. If you need inspiration, the source of all inspiration will come from the Lord himself.

If you start out with God from the beginning, he will be there with you right through to the end. God will never leave your side. God doesn’t come into your life like some people, when things are going well and then leave when things get tough. No God sticks it out with you through the good times and the bad. Some people only come into our lives to help us in bad times and when you no longer need them, they just disappear. God will never disappear on us. Remember that no matter what you do, God will always love you and always,always be there for you.

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