The Perfect Friend:

The perfect friends to have: Inspirational piece:

In this blog piece I am going to tell you about the friends that you should have in your life. If you don’t have friends like these then these are the friends you should be seeking.

A friend to confide in: We all need that one friend that we can say is our oldest and dearest friend. The one that has been in our lives for what may seem like forever. This type of friend is normally one with whom you can share anything. This friend will know all your deepest darkest secrets, but they will never tell them to anyone. You just know you can confide in this friend no matter what. I hope you like me have a friend like this.

The truly helpful friend: This is that friend, that when you are out with them, maybe having lunch somewhere. You can say “I have a headache”, and they will have a tablet to give you right away. They will always be ready with a tissue when you want to cry. They also give the best advice. If you and your partner broke up, then they will be the first person at your door with a tub of your favorite ice-cream to make you feel better. They might come to pray with you when you are feeling low and don’t know where else to turn. These friends are truly ones to have in your life.

The coach friend: This friend is more like a coach in life. These friends are the ones who will be encouraging you and motivating you in every aspect of life. Whenever you need that motivation to get you going for the day ahead, you need look no further than this friend. When you look at your phone in the morning you’ll probably see a motivational video clip from this outstanding friend. These people are the ones lifting us up and helping to coach us to be the best versions of ourselves that we could ever possibly be. They also have the most positive outlook on life. If you say, “It’s going to rain today.” They’ll say, “Yes but did you know that tomorrow the sun will shine again, and it’s going to be a truly beautiful day.” Wow now a friend like that is surely one that you can’t do with out.

The party friend: This is one of the most important friends to have as well. This friend will get a message from their partner saying they should go out on a Friday night, and they will immediately ask if they can invite you along. They will show up at your house tell you to get ready cos you are going out. They will be the friend that, if you don’t have money will buy you a drink. They will never let you mope around the house, they’ll make sure you go out with them and have a fabulous time. You definitely can’t miss out on having a friend like this.

From the oldest and dearest friend that you know you can always confide in, to the party friend will be making sure you go and have a fun fabulous night out with them. These are friends I hope all of you will aspire to have in your life. If you, like me and have each one of these friends in your life already, then I hope you let them know just how much you appreciate them.

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