The Promise: A Poem.

The Promise: Creative Piece:

The Promise:
What a wondrous promise to receive,
It came on Christmas Eve.
It was one of love,
That surely came from Above.

It is better than that of a friend ,
And I know it will never end.

Because you love me so,
I want you to always know.
I promise to remain true,
And to always be faithful unto you.

From you I shall never go away,
By your side I will always stay.
My promise is to love you forever,
And to always stay together.

I promise you’ll be in my every thought and prayer,
And I promise no matter what to always be there.

I’ll be there when you are ill and in bad health,
And when you are poor and have no wealth.
Lastly I promise, it’s you that I adore,
And it’s only you that I’ll love forever more.

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