Think Carefully:

An Inspirational Piece: Always make sure you think carefully.

When we make decisions in life we often don’t think carefully. This blog is going to explain exactly when and why we should be thinking carefully.

When taking on a new job, how carefully do you think before accepting? Money is obviously the area we tend to think about most. We all want the job that pays the most. However we should be looking a bit deeper under the surface. What exactly is asked of you. They may ask you to come in every alternate Sunday. That may not be your thing. Maybe you don’t want to work till nine thirty every evening. It could also be that you may have to do a lot of driving, and they wont be paying for your fuel costs. Think very carefully before accepting a job offer. If you go for the job because of the high salary only, then you may just regret it latter as you wont be happy doing what you’re doing. You just never know there might just be a job that pays the same salary, but one where you will be much happier. Don’t rush into accepting a job offer.

Making friends is another area we don’t always think very carefully about. Today I have the most amazing friends. ‘Oh and I don’t use the term amazing lightly.’ However almost all of my friends I became friends with after a lot of thought, because in the past there were people I made friends with, that didn’t end up being the friends I thought they would be. People don’t always turn out to be people you think they are. They may spread horrible rumors about you behind your back, and nobody wants a back-stabber for a friend. You also don’t want someone who is also bringing you down all the time. My friends have helped me to be a better version of myself, and I know that they wont be stabbing me in the back. It may have taken quite a few weeks or even a few months after meeting my friends, before I could confidently say I want to be lifelong friends with them. However I’m so glad I thought about it before making a decision, because today I have lifelong friendships with some really outstanding people.

Choosing your partner has got to be the most important area where you should always think carefully. Never rush into any relationship. You must always be very careful. Rather make sure you are friends for quite awhile, and that you really and truly get to to know this person well before you jump into a relationship with them. It’s easy to say after only a few dates that this person is the right person for you. However you may soon see that there are things that really bother you about this person and you may just regret that you rushed in to a relationship with this person. That’s why it is imperative that you think very carefully before making an important decision like this, because you don’t want to have regrets latter on.

There are many more areas in which we should be thinking carefully, these are just the main areas. Remember to always think things through. Don’t make rash decisions that you may just regret latter. If you think carefully you’ll be so glad you did latter on in life.

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