The Thought Is As Good As The Deed.

An Inspirational piece: Thinking good thoughts.

Ever heard of the term the thought is as good as the deed? Well that is actually a very true statement. You can actually help others through your thoughts and they can do the same for you. Each and every good thought you send to someone is a living force.

The person that you are sending all these good thoughts too must also want the same things that you want for them. If the person does not want what you are sending them, then it wont work and they will not receive what you are trying to send their way.

You will never be able create anything in another’s life against their own will. So Yes that does mean that you can’t wish bad things on people that you don’t like, sorry that’s just the way it is.The good news however is that the same applies to them too. They can not wish any bad things on you that you are not already wishing on yourself. Your thoughts are a great force and you can do so many great things with them.

You can can help so many with your thoughts. The best part about all of this is that it’s free. You might not have loads of money or all the resources that you need at your finger tips. However you will always have your thoughts and that is all you need to help yourself and anyone else you would like to help.

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