Time To Celebrate. Scripture Piece.

Celebrating life: Ephesians:5 .

This is why you should celebrate your life.
The first reason to celebrate your life is because, God is the reason you are here on earth, and you must never forget that. He is also the reason that you are still alive today. God is the one who put on this earth. Make sure you thank him for that. He put you on this earth and He can just as easily take you out! So go on and thank him for keeping you alive, for making you healthy and happy, because if it weren’t for Him you would have neither. God’s unending love has given you both and that is worth celebrating.

We all go through hard times and that is a harsh reality of life. However, we can only get through each and every tough time with God by our side. Your friends and your family may forsake you during your tough times. God though will never forsake you no matter what you have done. He won’t say, ‘what you have done is so bad that I can’t forgive you and I will no longer be there for you.’ Now isn’t that worth celebrating?

Sometimes everything just seems to be going so well in life and you are happier than you have ever been. Yes that is sometimes also a reality, albeit a good reality in life. Some people decide that you no longer need them, cos things are going well, so they disappear from your life. God sticks around to celebrate those good times with you. Remember that after all, He is the reason that everything is going well. Make sure that you thank him for bringing all these good things into your life, because you could never have done any of this alone, and with God by your side you never have to.

Stress! Now that is a very ugly reality that we all face in life. How do we get through all the daily stress in our lives? We ask God for guidance. Even though it may not happen as quickly as we may want it to, God always comes through for us each and every time no matter what. You will get past all of the stressful times in your life. God doesn’t want you to be stressed every single day of your life, He will relieve you of this stress in time. When you are finally stress free,even though it wont be forever that you are stress free, remember to thank God for being there for you and helping through it all.

These are the reality’s, we have good times and bad times, times of stress and times of happiness. We certainly did not get there by ourselves. We got there with the help of God. As you may well know. All good things come to an end and so do all bad things. Through it all God is the one constant helping us get there. The one amazing reality of life is that God will be there for us no matter what. That’s why I take the time to thank God every day for absolutely everything He is always doing for me. Gone on do the same. Celebrate your life and celebrate God.

‘Always give.Always give thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’.-Ephesians 5:20

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