Time For Reflection.

An inspirational piece: Reflecting on the year that was.

Since this year is almost at its end, here are some of the things we should be reflecting on:

Friends and Family:
What type of year did you have with your friends and family? Think back over this year. Has a close family member of yours passed away, did you gain a new family member? This year I lost one of my uncles, however one of my cousins got married so I have a new family member. If you have lost a loved one then now is the perfect time to show gratitude for the person you had in your life. This person was obviously important to you in some way, and it’s important to say thank you to God for bringing such a special person into your life. My amazing grandmother also passed away this year so once again I will be thanking God for bringing the most wonderful grandmother into my life and allowing us to have such a special relationship. I recently found out that another of my cousin’s wives is expecting their second child next year. And I have herd that for every death there is five new births. So I will be giving thanks for the miracle of life and the chance to have another beautiful addition to my family. What about your friends, did you make new friends this year? For each and every friend that you made this year show gratitude to God for allowing you to make more wonderful friends. Show your friends at this time of year just how much they mean to you. You don’t have to buy them the most expensive Christmas gifts you can get. All you need to do is tell them in your own special way that you are extremely appreciative of their friendship. Showing your appreciation is often way better than any gift you could ever give someone.

How much money do you have in the bank, your purse or your back pocket? If you feel that you have less money than the previous year, then there is no better time to give thanks for all the money that you shall have in the upcoming year. If you continue to give thanks for that money you shall surely have more money next year this time. I did this last year and this year I definitely have more money than I did this time last year, so trust me it really does work. If you have more money this year and are gaining each month in wealth, then it’s also a good time to thank God for allowing you to keep gaining more and more money. Remember the more gratitude you show for what you have the more you will have.

Are you happy in your current job, or are you unhappy? If you are unhappy and wish to make a change to another job or to work for another company, now is the best time to Give thanks for all that you have learned from this experience in your current job. It’s also a great way to show gratitude for the new job you will get in the coming year. If you are very happy in your current job then you should thank God for all the blessings that have come with your amazing job, like maybe you have great benefits like medical-aid . Or maybe it’s just wonderful to work with such great people. This is also another opportunity to thank God for the salary or wages you get each month or week.

Have you been really healthy this year, or have you been unhealthy? Were you diagnosed with T.B or some other illness. If so then take this opportunity to pray to God and ask that he heals you completely of any and all illnesses that you may have. When you pray say thank you for the gift of health. After all the gift of health given to you by God is what’s keeping you alive. If you have been really healthy this year and have not been seriously ill, then you should also give thanks during prayer for all your continued good health. Also pray that it will continue through next year as well.

Remember to look back on this year, not with sadness or regret for the year that was, but instead look at all the blessings that came from this year. Each year that you are alive is full of blessing and wonderful miracles. If you don’t believe in miracles just know that your life is already a miracle. Another thing to remember is that if God brought you safely through this year he can bring you through the next year as well.

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