Today Your Day Or Not Your Day:

Here is my creative Poem, on today being or not being your day:

Today has not gone your way,
Things just didn’t start out right today.
You got out of bed on the wrong side,
Your bad mood you just couldn’t hide.

If you wake up with a sore head,
You’re sure not going to be in any mood to even make up your bed.
Just as you start to work, there’ll be load shedding,
From here on out, you know there’s only one direction in which this day is heading.

Everything is looking down,
You begin to think to yourself with a frown.
But then you realize that you’re alive,
And that definitely deserves a high five.

Remember you have been given another day,
What more can I say.
When you’re in a bad mood don’t destroy it,
Put on your beautiful smile and start to enjoy it.
And then before you know it, today,
Might just begin to go your way.

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