Turn Fear Into Faith.

An inspirational piece: Turn each fear into faith.

This piece explains how you can turn each and every fearful situation into a faithful one.

I’m sure that most of you know the feeling of having a fear that something terrible may actually happen to you. When you keep telling yourself that the specific something that you are fearing may actually happen to you, then you are going to be attracting that very fear into your life.

What you want is to have more faith. Stop saying over and over that you don’t want this specific thing in your life or for it to happen to you, because of course then it will. Simply Keep praying about the good things in your life and showing gratitude for those things.

Also remember to remove any investment you have in fear from what you don’t want, to what you do want. Keep thinking and focusing on what you do want. The more you do this through prayer and thought the more it will come to you. You will then have all the things you do want in your life and none of the things that you fear. Soon all of your fear will disappear and your faith will be maximized to the full.

I have experienced fear in my life many times. At first I let that fear take over me. For instance when my nose ran I told myself that I was getting flue and I did get flue after a few days. If I told myself that I could feel a headache coming on then it did come. However I soon learnt to pray and say thank you for the gift of health as the gift of health is keeping me going. Every time I prayed about being healthy or I thought good thoughts about my health, I did not get flue or a headache or whatever it was that I feared. Try it and see for yourself that it really does work wonders. Once your fears have been eradicated, don’t forget to thank God for answering your prayers the way only he can.

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