Turning Bad Habits Into Good Habits.

An inspirational piece: Keeping only good habits in your life.

Some motivation to help you keep you remove the bad habits, and keep only the good habits in your life.

We often have bad habits that we wish to break. It might be that you wish to be the type of person who is on time, as apposed to the person you are, who is always late for everything.

So what can be done to remove this bad habit you may ask? Well it’s actually quite easy to do. All you need to do is focus on what you do want. This means that you need to visualize yourself in a state where you are exactly where you want to be. So If you are never on time like I mentioned before. Then you need to imagine that you have an appointment to get to and you are are up the minute your alarm goes off. Then you get dressed in record time and you are ready, with more than enough time to get to your destination. When you arrive for your appointment. The person you are meeting says, “You are right on time.” That is what you need to do as often as you can. Imagine it all e.g being on time, imagine it from the time you wake up till the time you get to your appointment.

The key here is to do this as many times a day as you can, everyday of the week. Do it until you can see the results for yourself. Then you move on to the next bad habit you wish to break. You can imagine yourself in as many scenes as you can, until all your negative and bad habits have been eradicated from your life and replaced by all the good habits that you want.

Also imagine what it’s like to be completely free of that negative situation or bad habit. Then begin to feel as happy as you possibly can be. You must eliminate every thought of yourself with that bad habit. You must also start saying things like “when I am on time”, if being late is the habit you wish to break. Never talk about the bad habit as though you still have it.

When you think of the good habit, imagine that you are with that god habit right now. Continue to imagine that you are in that state, and soon you will have that good habit and you will be in that positive state. Remember to visualize being in only the good and positive states, with only the good habits. Also speak only of the good habits, and soon you will have broken all of your bad habits.

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