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An inspirational piece: Getting more money.

Some free knowledge and easy tips on how you can get much more money.

Everybody wants more money, however most people go about it completely the wrong way. So what is the right way to go about it you may ask? Before We start I am going to tell you that this blog is NOT about how to cut back on your spending!

First of all we have to talk about the common mistakes that 99% of the worlds population are making. The biggest mistake is that people use negative talk when it comes to money. This needs to STOP! You must stop saying things like, “I would give some spare money to the petrol attendant if I had money to give.” You have money to give, if you have money for petrol, then you have money to give. I am not saying you must give Fifty Rand. You can give Three Rand if that’s what you can afford. Just make sure you have some spare change in your purse and give it. The more you give the more you get back, so make sure you give where you can. It doesn’t matter how much you give ,you will still get back.

The one other negative aspect is your thoughts. People tend to have negative thoughts about money all the time. This also needs to STOP! Stop thinking to yourself I don’t have enough money. I can’t afford that, I don’t have enough money for that.

So here is how you get more money. Like I mentioned before start giving more and more wherever you can. The more money you give the more money you get back. When you receive a bill in the mail DO NOT! Say I repeat, DO NOT! say. “Oh no another bill”, or “how on earth will I pay this, I am going to be broke by the end of the month with all of these bills coming in.” Instead say. “Thank You for all the money I have to pay these bills.” Gratitude is the best way to get money. I write on my bank slips on both sides ‘thank you for the money!’ I then feel absolute happiness for all of my money. Try it for yourself it really works wonders. Whenever you give money say, “thank you for the money I am about give and the money I am about to get.” When you go to bed at night, make sure to thank God for all the money you have received and for all the people in the world who God is providing money for everyday. Ask God to not only provide you with money but also the rest of the worlds population. This will in turn help you and others to also get more money.

In conclusion. Remember that negativity will not give you more money it takes away the money that you have. If you say you don’t have enough money you never will. If you say you have enough and are grateful for it, you will have more and more. Remove all negative talk and thoughts and replace them with positive talk and thoughts. Make sure you give whenever you can. This will all help you get more money in your back pocket. It works for me and it will work for you too.

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