Words: A Truly Creative Poem On Words


A creative poem on words.

Words when uttered can be hurtful, But when used correctly can be very helpful. When you say it you can’t take it back, And that is a scary fact.

It’s not always easy to know what to say, And how to say it in the right way. First think about the persons feelings, Along with the words and all their meanings.

Sometimes the hardest part is being truthful, When you end up saying the right thing, it can be rather beautiful. Words create the best lyrics behind some of the most amazing songs, Words can write many wrongs.

Words are behind, all the wonderful chapters in all the most popular books, Words can also be the basis for many dirty looks. Words are part of the best movie lines, Words can also leave you feeling bad at the worst of times.

Always remember to think carefully before you speak, You really don’t want to leave someone feeling bleak. Make sure when you speak you leave on someones face the biggest smile, And you too will feel happy for awhile.

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